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Do you have a house to clear?


Merseyside Property Clearance is Liverpool’s premier house clearance company. Fully licensed and insured, the company also deal with hoarding and bio-hazard removal which includes body fluids. (Unattended Death clean up specialists)


Our clients and service users include


Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Environmental Health Technical Services, Halton Borough Council Environmental Health, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Merseytravel, Liverpool Fire and Rescue, Liverpool Social Services, Liverpool Community Mental Health, Merseycare NHS, Liverpool YMCA, Domino’s Pizza (Liverpool) Boodles (Liverpool) Maxwell Hodge Solicitors, Bartletts Solicitors, Lloyds Private Banking and several social housing organisations as well as many private clients.



Our company has been featured on national TV on several occasions.

We specialise in clearing the home of the deceased and cluttered property caused by hoarding.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, professional and are determined to help our clients in every way we can.
We perform biohazard removal and full house clearances, removing everything requested such as bulky furniture, carpets, cookers, washing machines and all clutter. We also clear garages, lofts, office spaces, and commercial buildings. If requested, we can also clean and sanitise the property to help improve its rental chances or its selling appeal on the housing market. We will take all the pain and stress out of clearing the property.
We operate all over the UK but the bulk of our work is in Liverpool, Merseyside, Chesire and North Wales, we take just about anything from a single item to multiple loads.

We also specialise and provide an urgent response to properties where death has occurred.

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For biohazard waste removal in Liverpool call:

07813 193 166

Our company is used by various organisations such as private landlords, housing associations, solicitors, estate agents, schools, local authorities and undertakers.

PLEASE NOTE: We only buy furniture as part of a house clearance.

We strongly advise you read our Q&A page to fully understand exactly how our service operates.


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Call:  0151 733 3355 0151 733 3355

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We are focused on diverting as much waste as possible away from landfill.  We are a motivated organisation and aim to achieve recycling rates as high as 85%.


Please take a little time to view our website and see what makes us clear leaders in the house clearance business, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, however, if your enquiry is an emergency or of an urgent nature please call 07813 193 166. 


Environmental Agency Registration Number: CBDU136971




Industry Alert!


Before you chose a house clearance company, ask to look at their documentation, Environment waste carriers licence, Insurance and Formal business documents.


The cheapest quote may not always be the cheapest quote in the long run. WHY?


Remember! You are publicising the fact that the property may be empty for some time.


Our Environment


Our service is environmentally friendly and we use pro-recycling sites and send re-usable waste such as bedding and clothing to charity and animal-care centres.


Environmental Statement

Merseyside Property / House Clearance in Liverpool is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all of its business activities. As an organisation, we recognise both the significance of preserving the environment for generations to come, and of ensuring that consumers and clients can guarantee a transparent and ethical procurement process in any service they purchase.

This is put into practice through:

•    Compliance with existing environmental legislation

•    Ensuring that the environmental credentials of subcontractors are considered when working with them.

•    Through efficiencies within our services and to provide our clients with environmental savings. This is through reduction of shipping costs, digitalisation of paper trails and reduction of process times.

•    To maintain a comprehensive recycling programme, to ensure that all recyclable goods used by our organisation are salvaged.

•    Adoption and promote the whole concept of recycling to others.

•    We understand that education is one of the most important tools in the fight against climate change and we are committed to ensuring that our staff understand the causes of and methods for minimising environmental damage.


•    Review: This policy will be reviewed every 12 months in order to ensure that it is serving its purpose efficiently and effectively.


Committed to a cleaner, safer environment.



From Nigel Garwood


We were most impressed with every aspect of the company, from the website, the quotation right through to the job, the efficiency and care taken during our recent house clearance were superb, and I can thoroughly recommend your services. Many thanks to you all.


Nigel Garwood


Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

For an urgent house clearance, telephone: 07813 193 166 

Check out "Dump it and Leg It" The Movie on our YouTube page,.


A light hearted look at the seriousness of not using a licensed company.


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