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Financial Divorce Settlement

The clearance service we offer is simple, we will attend the marital home and make an inventory of jointly owned household possessions, calculate a realistic resale value and offer you a price we are willing to pay, if the price is accepted by both parties, we will provide each individual a banker draft totalling the agreed offer price.


On divorce, all of your assets and those of your spouse are regarded as matrimonial assets and are fused together when looking at what is a reasonable financial settlement for both of you. It does not matter in whose name they have been purchased, e.g. if the matrimonial home is in just one of the spouse's names, it is still a matrimonial asset.


Regarding the financial matters in relation to a divorce, the ideal situation is that you are able to both agree on the finances without the intervention of solicitors or the courts.

If you cannot agree then your options are to:

a) use a mediation service, which would typically cost around £500


b) use solicitors to negotiate a deal, this will often end up in court and cost many thousands of pounds.

Making a real effort to reach an agreement yourselves will avoid spending a fortune on expensive solicitors.


Settlements can be negotiated between the spouses with or without the help of solicitors, although approval from the court is still required. If the parties arrive at an amicable agreement, a Consent Order can be drawn up by a solicitor, which merely needs to be rubber stamped by a judge. The court needs to be satisfied that the agreement is reasonable and that both parties understand what they have signed. If this is not the case, the judge may summon the couple to court to discuss the agreement.

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