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House Clearance: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our website’s FAQs will hopefully provide answers to all your questions concerning house clearances and furniture removal, but please remember that we are just a phone call away and always happy to speak to you. You may also email us and we're available 7 days a week!


Q: How come other House clearance companies have more Google reviews than you?


     A: The majority of our work is for repeat clientele, predominantly large organisations such as the NHS and Liverpool           City  Council, we are focused on delivering the best service possible, and a lot of people understand that displaying             such a client list is more credible.


Q: Is your company insured against accidents or injury?


A: Yes, we have full public liability insurance in place.


Q: Are you a registered waste carrier?


A: Yes, we are fully registered with the Environment Agency.


Q: What do you clear?

A: We clear almost everything; this includes deceased’s effects, items from offices, warehouses, factories, churches, schools, pubs and clubs.


We do not clear vehicle tyres, bricks, concrete, rubble, gas bottles, paint and chemicals or asbestos, however, we can advise you on how to dispose of these items appropriately.


Q: Do you ever clear houses for free?

A: We have on many occasions cleared houses for free. If the property contains period-type items and furniture we can put on the market, we would be happy to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both you and us.


Q: Can I email you some photographs of the property I need to clear?

A: Certainly, quite a lot of our people send us photographs of the property to be cleared. This aids us to fully understand what is needed to complete the clearance, and approximately how long it will take. You can email your photographs to:


Q: I'm not in the UK at the moment. Can you help?


A: Yes, we often work with overseas customers; we can communicate via email or telephone, we can take instructions from your solicitor or estate agent. We are always happy to assist with international enquiries.


Q: A family member committed suicide, can you help?


A: We totally understand the distress a death can cause under any circumstances, helping families achieving closure in such matters is what we do, confidentiality and care is how we do it.

Q: I have a house to clear and don't know where to start. How does it work?


A: If the majority of the contents are antique or have value. If this value exceeds the clearance costs, we will pay you the difference, in cash or by cheque, according to your preference.


If some of the contents are antique, collectables, (including coin or stamp collections) or have good resale value, we will give a good allowance and offset it against the cost of clearance.


If the contents of your house have no resale value: we would charge you for clearance which will include tipping fees at a local waste site, transport and our labour.


Q: What day could I book a clearance?

A: We work 7 days a week, we can work through the night if requested.


Q: What areas do you cover?


A: Although based in Liverpool and the bulk of our work is local, we can cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

Q: Do I need to be at the property while it is being cleared?


A: If you can not attend, it is not a problem, we can pick up keys from a suitable  location, i.e. your place of work, we can work with your, neighbour, solicitor or estate agent, once we have completed the clearance we can then leave the door key with the relevant person.

Q: What happens to modern furniture and general household items which usually form the bulk of a clearance?


A: We will make every effort to ensure that these items are reused, and where this is not possible, recycled. We work with charitable and other organisations to ensure that items which in themselves have no real monetary value are found good homes.


This policy of re-use is not only environmentally friendly but makes sound economic sense too, because, by spending less on landfill, we reduce our costs, which means that we can keep our prices competitive.


Q: So you do recycle?


A: Yes we endeavour to recycle as much as possible, every clearance is dissimilar so it is not always possible to recycle all of the contents from a particular property, however, we do average an 85% recycling rate.


Q: Where does all the rubbish go?

A: We forward all non-reusable refuse to registered Waste and Recycling Management sites where it is sorted and recycled. Clothing and bedding items from the property, on many occasions, will be usually donated t to animal welfare and charity shops.


Q: What about items I wish to keep?


A: We are always happy to transport any items you wish to retain to a location of your choice for a small fee.


Q: How do you deal with confidential documents and items of a personal nature?


A: We always handle these items with the utmost discretion. If required, we can destroy them by shredding and provide a written confirmation that this has been done. If during a clearance we find items (such as photographs) or documents of importance, these will be retained for your perusal before disposal.


Q: How long will the job take?


A: The time to complete the clearance depends on the size of the property and amount of waste and items to clear. We can only give you an estimated time once we have inspected the property.


Q: Is there anything I need to do?


A: No, we'll do everything for you. Just tell us what you want cleared and we'll do the rest, we can even remove carpets and curtains if you want.


Q: How and when do I pay?

A: Once the job has been completed, we will provide you with your own invoice which includes our business details. We will also provide you with a waste transfer note and or waste-disposal receipt to cover you legally.

Q: How soon can we clear the house?

A: We can usually start the assignment within one or two days of receiving the order.


Q: Can you clean the property once it has been cleared?

A: Yes, we offer a standard cleaning service for an additional fee.


Q: Can you a house clearance quote over the phone?


A: We can give estimates over the phone. The more information you have about the size of property and amount of rubbish or number of items to be removed the more accurate we can quote. We would need to a few details, such as the full location with a postcode and size of your property including outbuildings, and is the property on a main road? Is there suitable parking for loading etc, we would also need an approximate idea of items to be cleared, and if there anything extra large or unusual to be removed, such as a piano, safe, motor vehicle or motorbike.


A property inspection is the best bet and as they are free with no obligation, you have nothing to loose.


We will never start a job without giving you a final price.


Q:  What’s “Obstando Pro Movo” ? 


A:  Obstando Pro Movo is our company motto, which means “By standing firm one moves forward”. 


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