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Local Environment


Local environment quality is an important issue that can have knock on effects on several aspects of society. Left unchecked, dirty streets and neighbourhoods affect the perception of the local community which can lead to anti-social behaviour, disorder, vandalism and eventually serious crime.


There is also a direct link between local environment quality and the quality of life in communities. Local environment quality encompasses issues such as litter, graffiti, flyposting, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, dog control orders and dog fouling. For many people litter is viewed as one of the most important issues of the local environmental quality agenda, as it is the most widespread blight of our public spaces.


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (s.87) states that litter is ‘anything that is dropped, thrown, left or deposited that causes defacement, in a public place’. It includes smoking related litter, chewing gum, food and drink litter, drug related litter, carrier bags and faeces


What is the case for government action


The annual cost of cleaning England’s streets has been estimated at £780m, money that could be spent elsewhere if there was less litter, graffiti etc. Graffiti and flyposting not only spoils the enjoyment of the local environment and leads to a situation where crime and other anti-social behaviours can thrive, but is also a burden on businesses and the local authorities that are left to clean up property and public spaces.


Litter can have a detrimental effect on wildlife and the natural environment, and certain offences such as chewing gum litter and dog fouling are not pleasant. Dog faeces can also be a health risk, as it can carry harmful diseases such as toxocariasis. Defra is responsible for the development of policies to enhance the local environmental quality of our shared spaces and to communicate this effectively to local authorities. It is then the job of local authorities to maintain and deliver improvements on the ground.


Merseyside Property Clearance has removed items of furniture for local authorities and private landowners.



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