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Verminous Property Clearance, Trauma / Crime Scene Clean-up


What is a Verminous Property?

A property is referred to as verminous when it contains objects and matter such as human or animal feces, clinical waste, such as needles/syringes and drug paraphernalia and waste, decaying and rotten food, fly’s and vermin, urine and/or blood soaked soft furniture, cushions, mattresses and carpets, or gross filth in general.


All verminous properties hold a great risk to health and are an environmental hazard to those who come into contact with it, verminous properties should only be undertaken by a professional house clearance firm.


All Local Authorities are required under the Public Health Act 1936 (Section 83 as amended by Section 35 of the Public Health Act 1961) to look into any complaint received about a property that may be filthy and have vermin living within it.


Some individuals find it hard looking after themselves and their home for a number of reasons such as mental health problems, drug or alcohol addiction, old age or physical disability and this could lead to their house becoming disorderly and very dirty.  Hoarding can leave the property in an unpleasant state, leading to the infestation of rats and other vermin.


In extreme cases such as urine and faeces being found in places other than the toilet bowl and/or the presence of food waste has led to infestation of vermin such rats, mice, and flies, the authority will most definitely become involved due to public health risks, and a full inspection of the house would be carried out.


If the building was seen to be filthy and/or verminous, a formal notice would then be issued and served on the occupier under Section 83 of the Public Health Act 1936 requiring the necessary work to be carried out within a specific timescale. The work required will most certainly include the removal of the decaying food, urine, faeces and vermin. 


Quite often the occupants are unwilling or unable to arrange for the necessary works.  If this is the case, the Council would arrange for contractors such as Merseyside house clearance to carry out the work and the cost of this would be charged to the occupier. 


Many of the inhabitants in these situations are vulnerable and the Council wants to deal with them as sympathetically as possible and offer help and advice.


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We clear it all

  • Cleansing and disinfecting of interior surfaces and contaminated areas.
  • Removal of contaminated wall covering and carpets.
  • Clearance and disposal of furniture.
  • Clearance of any decaying animal carcases.
  • Clearance of any decaying food.
  • Clearance of any animal or human faeces and vomit.
  • Clearance and disposal of any outside verminous rubbish adjoined or adjacent to the property.


If a property you own on manage contains any or a number of the above mentioned, the property is classed as a verminous property.


Some of the health risks and hazards from verminous waste are listed below


  • Weil's disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Hepatitis
  • AIDS
  • Salmonella
  • E.Coli Foot and mouth disease
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Psittacosis


Property infested by rats or other vermin such as mice and pigeons will most likely contain traces of the above.


Do not put yourself at risk, leave it to the experts

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